About US
Our company is like a family business with mixed profile.

Our main profile: selling a large variety of new and used tractors, agricultural machines and machines for road and building constructions.
Our second main profile: as an insurance broker, we can choose the most appropriate offer from more then 20 hungarian insurance companies services for our partners.

We can help the purchasing with the support of BNP Paribas Lease Group leasing company.

Main prooducts: engines, working machines with complementary tools, tillage complex machines, delivery vehicles, machines for processing fruits and grapes, tools and machines used in forestry...

We focus on GREEN ENERGY utilization, as BIO BRIQUETTE and the selling of machines from AGRI PELLET. On demand we are dealing with such tools, that utilize solar and wind energy and serve the systems of geothermal energy.

The AGROMOL INVEST Kft is a founding member of the Hungarian Bioenergy Public Association